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Victoria Avenue

Victoria Avenue

In the past, the Victoriei Avenue was named the Mogosoaia Bridge, being a road flooring a muddy field. The road was built so the prince can go from city to his palace, at Mogosoaia. The Victoriei Avenue name as we know it today dates from 1878 and evokes an victorious episode of the War of Independence.

The large boulevard is right in the city center and represents the main road of Bucharest, with a length of 2,700 meters.

By foot, a walk on this boulevard can be a wonder. You can admire significant cultural edifices and monuments including the National Museum of Romanian History, National Military Circle, Romanian Athenaeum, Central University Library, and the Cantacuzino Palace Palace Ştirbei.

The building that houses the Grand Hotel Continental is also located on Calea Victoriei, built in 1886 in the German Renaissance style.

In addition to the  historical buildings that are located on the Victoriei Avenue, there are countless shops of luxury brands.

It is fascinating to watch the buildings on one side and on the other side stores, lights, and people wandering, just like yourself.

The Victoriei Avenue is a manifestation of life at its highest odds, wearing conspicuous imprint of the past, which has made his way to our present times.

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