A dream came truth
A dream came truth



Times you thought long gone and the atmosphere of the “bon ton” can return if you choose hosting your wedding in the Concerto restaurant, at Grand Hotel Continental. Here the exquisite pieces of furniture retain the atmosphere of the old Bucharest and the decoration and arrangements are a reminiscent of the interwar period. The menu and serving elite completes flawlessly the organization of the perfect wedding. Also, we have an unique wedding salon in Bucharest, one of the finest.

With over 100 years of tradition in organizing banquets and soirees, the Concerto restaurant invites you to be a part of history and turn your dream wedding into reality.

What does a wedding in Grand style mean? An atmosphere full of history and elegance, flawless organization, elite service. Did we mention the 5-star cuisine?

The dishes are served in precious silver spotless porcelain but the art consists in the creativity and emotion underlying each preparation. Shrimp cocktails, smoked duck with artichoke or escalope of salmon are just some of the delicacies that you can enjoy the Concerto restaurant. Our offer starts at 325 ron per menu.

The wine collection is something we also pride ourself with. You can enjoy the wines of our Romania, but also exotic flavors, coming from France, Italy , Portugal and Uruguay .

Piano and violin arrangements perfectly complement your wedding scene , which surpasses even the romantic novels of Fitzgerald .

Partnering with Continental not only your guests will be impressed  but you will also have and event that will make the first page of the family album, for the generations to come.

Furthermore, if your event takes place on a Sunday you get a special discount!



Imagine your story the peak of your love story in the Concerto restaurant, where in the early twentieth century, lords and maidens were celebrating as well their happy stories

With over 100 years of experience in organizing banquets and grand events, Grand Hotel Continental invites you to be part of history and turn your dream wedding into reality.



When talking about wedding style, the elegant Concerto Restaurant is the center piece and maybe the finest wedding salon in Bucharest. Whether we are looking at the floral arrangements, furniture and cutlery, all bear the imprint of the twentieth century, when lords and maidens hosted here the most stylish events in Bucharest.


The menus especially designed for this type of event can be customized to suit best the desires of our customers and their guests. The young couple can suggest room arrangements and décor style. We come to meet their demands with suggestions for architectural lights, heavy smoke, curtain of stars and floral arrangements.

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