Black truffles, a unique experience
Black truffles, a unique experience

„Grand Truffle Dinner“ Menu

„Grand Truffle Dinner“ Menu

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Between 21 to 25 November 2016, Grand Hotel Continental offers a luxury dining experience. This week is dedicated to black truffles
and Concerto Restaurant will have a special 5-star menu called Grand Truffle Dinner.

For those who love original dishes, truffles are like a trophy that you enjoy not often, but always with intensity. They are appreciated by connoisseurs of good taste, but they are very difficult to find. Therefore, we can say that at Grand Hotel Continental will be a festival of black truffles because the special menu will include no less than four black truffle-based specialties.

In Grand Truffle Dinner Menu you will find truffles in hollandaise sauce, truffle flaked, truffle foam and a creative desert: vanilla panna cotta with truffle, black chocolate mousse, pistachio crumbles and milk cream with pepper and pistachio powder.

For a perfect culinary experience, each dish will be served along with suitable wine.

Grand Truffle Dinner menu will be served at Concerto Restaurant. It has a regal ambience thanks to the furniture purchased from famous auction houses in Europe.

Come and enjoy a special dinner during the week 21 to 25 November alongside black truffles stars!

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