Private Events

Grand Hotel Continental represents the perfect option for private events in Bucharest, no matter the occasion. Our experience as event planners defines us and we are well aware that a private event holds a certain sentimental importance. This is why we will make sure that your event will represent an unforgettable experience.

Whether it is a wedding, a baptism or a birthday party, we will see to make it a memorable one. Dedicated menus for each type of private party are tailor-made by Chef Roxana Anghel, who will make sure that the dishes have a unique signature to the liking of all attendees.

If you’re in a search for the perfect location for a wedding or a baptism party, we recommend Concerto Fine Dining. However, if you would like to surprise your friends with a birthday party, Bistro Continental is the perfect choice. Regardless the choice, at Grand Hotel Continental you will find the best event planner in Bucharest, so, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Wedding restaurant in Bucharest

50-68 seats 1 hall

With a history of more than 100 years of organising bohemian banquets and exceptional soirees, Concerto Restaurant is waiting for you in a setting long thought to be gone, in an ambiance full of “bon ton” that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Concerto Restaurant is an exceptional wedding venue where the dishes are carefully crafted by our chef and served using fine porcelain and silverware. Among our delicacies you will find the shrimp cocktail, smoked duck and salmon escalope. Everything is completed with an ambiance full of elegance and history, a five star service and flawless setup. Our offer starts at 325 RON per menu.

The restaurants’ wine selection meets the highest standards meaning you can enjoy the finest Romanian wines as well as exotic wines from France, Italy, Portugal or Uruguay.

Piano and violin arrangements perfectly complement your wedding scene creating an unforgettable memory for you as well as for your guests. In addition to that, if you decide to have your wedding on a Sunday we’re ready to offer you a special discount.

By partnering with Grand Hotel Continental, not only will you impress your guests, but you will make an event that will fill the first page of the family album for generations to come.


You get a special discount if your event takes place on a Sunday.


Imagine the peak of your love story in the Concerto restaurant, where in the early twentieth century, lords and maidens were celebrating as well their happy stories. With over 100 years of experience in organizing banquets and grand events, Grand Hotel Continental invites you to be part of history and turn your dream wedding into reality.


When talking about wedding style, the elegant Concerto Restaurant is the center piece and maybe the finest wedding venue in Bucharest. Whether we are looking at the floral arrangements, furniture and cutlery, all bear the imprint of the twentieth century, when lords and maidens hosted here the most stylish private parties in Bucharest.


The menus especially designed for this type of event can be customized to suit the desires of our customers and their guests. The young couple can suggest room arrangements and décor style. We come to meet their demands with suggestions for architectural lights, heavy smoke, curtain of stars and floral arrangements.

birthday party

Birthday celebration restaurant in Bucharest

50-68 seats 1 hall

If you care to have your birthday party, an anniversary or your name day in a restaurant in Bucharest, Grand Hotel Continental awaits you.

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Our tailored menus, our impeccable ambiance as well as our longstanding experience in organising such events represent our guarantee for a successful event.

We are always ready to welcome our guests with a glass of Prosecco Valdo Oro in the Concerto restaurant set up at the highest standards where the music and the dance floor are always ready to receive you.


We have an offer for your birthday celebration.


For birthday parties, we offer our customers a carefully selected menu in order to satisfy even the most refined tastes. The dishes in the menu belong to the traditional or international cuisine.


The unique location, the customized menu, the musical selections and the special arrangements are mandatory ingredients for a successful party. Quality is the warranty of the services we offer. Our place is one of the best birthday party locations in Bucharest,.


Because you deserve the best, we assure you that we will turn the significant events in your life into scrapbook pages. Concerto restaurant is definitely the ideal choice to spend these unforgettable moments with your loved ones.


Baptism event restaurant in Bucharest

50-68 seats 1 hall

We are well aware that choosing a venue for a christening party in Bucharest is a difficult task and this is the reason we are here for you by offering Concerto Fine Dining restaurant or the Grand Continental Hotel terrace.

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The hand-tailored menu, the impressive elegant ambiance, the impeccable service and the perfect planning will transform your child christening party into a unique experience. We know that this is a special moment in the life of every family and we are prepared to exceed all expectations.

A venue for a baptism event perfectly understands the importance of your event and will always be ready to put first the quality of their service.


The event can take place at Concerto Fine Dining restaurant or on the terrace.


Organizing a memorable event will bring more joy to the parents. The christening party is a special moment in every family and we are ready to exceed your expectations. Here you will find a truly unique christening salon, where your guests will feel more than special.


Harnessing the essence of each ingredient, we shape any dish into giving our guests a unique sensation. Everything is carefully prepared in order to achieve success and excellency.


Quality and elegance have always been the signature of our services. We bring our professionalism and experience in creating the perfect event.