Gastronomy, a form of art
Gastronomy, a form of art

Concerto Fine Dining

Concerto Fine Dining

Concerto Fine Dining is a restaurant whose cuisine is based on the concept of “nouvelle cuisine”, a modern approach to French cuisine, which values fresh and light ingredients.

You will indulge in a variety of strong flavors, because the ingredients are combined in a delicate manner. All dishes are cooked under the careful guidance of the executive chef Roxana Anghel, who has gained experience and passion for cooking by working with the famous French Chef Jean Louis Leon.

The restaurant is elegantly decorated with furniture from antique auction houses. The atmosphere and serving are characterized by care, while the porcelain and silver tableware will give a bohemian touch for each table.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday for dinner only, from 6:00 PM to 9.30 PM.



From the entrance you will experience luxurious, elegant and tasteful restaurant, with the noble air inspired by the furniture specifically chosen from auction antique houses and impeccably arranged tables with real silverware and precious china. All these aspects along with the gentle sound of the piano will lead you to the good old days.


Our delicate and creative dishes will invite you on a journey of flavors, taste and color.
Our dishes are precious and prepared with care, raising your most intense culinary emotions. We consider cooking a form of art, therefore our team, coordinated by Executive Chef, Roxana Anghel, was awarded many trophies in Romania as well as outside the border.


Concerto restaurant is the perfect place for a memorable dinner.

The aristocratic ambiance and customized service turns any private event into a memorable experience. Whether it’s a wedding, a christening or a birthday party, gourmet experiences represent a constant aspect of all events.

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