For your sweet tooth
For your sweet tooth

Continental Pastry Shop

Continental Pastry Shop

Whenever you’re in need for something sweet, come to Continental Pastry Shop!

Continental Pastry Shop has a great history behind and is centrally located, on Victoriei Avenue, right next to Grand Hotel Continental. We take pride in all our pastry products, sweets and cakes, because they are made daily in our own laboratories from fresh ingredients by our awesome and skilled bakers. However, we’re extremely proud in our Roche Cake, which is a representative cake for Continental and which is now back equally delicious and made after the original recipe.

We await you in a warm and elegant space with the most delicious cakes. Just to name a few of our products: the famous and classic chocolate or vanilla eclair, duo mousse, white chocolate mousse with raspberries, fruit pies, meringue lime cakes, chocolate or salted caramel pies, but also chocolate pralines or salted pastries.

So, if you’re looking for a pastry shop in Bucharest, come and visit us, we guarantee you’ll find a variety of products which will quench your sweet tooth.

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telefon: 0372 010 380

cofetării bucurești cofetăria continental


Continental Pastry Shop is centrally located, on Victoriei Avenue, right next to Grand Hotel Continental. We’re proud about our history and about our famous Roche Cake, which is now equally delicious and still created using the same authentic recipe.

cofetării bucurești


All of our products are freshly baked from qualitative ingredients in our laboratories. We pride ourselves with a variety of sweets, cakes and pastry products, but we can also prepare personalized cakes for your special events. Just give us a call! We also offer seasonal products for special holidays, like sponge cakes or ‘cozonac’.


We take pride in having a great variety of cakes and pastries, carefully created by our skilled bakers. We invite you to taste one (or more) of our cakes and enjoy them with a hot cup of coffee, tea or cappuccino.

Also, if you’re organising a special event for you or for someone close to you, let us delight your guests with a personalized cake.

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